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Electronic Contract Manufacturers In China: What To Know

Electronic contract manufacturing services play an important role in the electronics industry.

However, choosing a reliable electronic contract manufacturer in China can be daunting; with over 30,000 manufacturers listed on Alibaba alone, it’s hard to know which one is truly capable of handling your project.

If you are looking to build an electronics business from the ground up, knowing what to look for in an EMS manufacturer can save you time and money in the long run. Here are some tips to help you choose the right electronic contract manufacturer for your business.

What is Electronic Contract Manufacturing?

Electronic contract manufacturing (ECM), also known as EMS (electronic manufacturing service), refers to a variety of manufacturing services that mainly focus on the electronic industry.

The services include engineering design, PCB fabrication, subassembly manufacturing, turnkey or box builds, functional testing, distribution and order fulfilment.

It allows you to outsource the production of your electrical products to EMS providers instead of setting up your internal assembly line, allowing you to focus on designing and marketing your product.

Electronic contract manufacturing may be utilized as either a supplement to or as a replacement for company-owned manufacturing operations. However, choosing an EMS can be tricky. So you must make sure they have an adequate amount of experience with your particular industry and type of product.

What Should You Consider?

There are lots of players offering EMS and electronics manufacturing services today. That’s why you need to compare them to get what is right for your business.

When choosing an EMS manufacturer, your primary considerations should be quality and cost.

Quality is always important. It’s especially critical when dealing with electronics because any mistake made in production could end up making your product unusable or even dangerous.

If you have a consumer-focused product and are planning on selling tens of thousands of units, quality is likely more important than price.

It’s also important that your EMS partner is capable of keeping up with production demands and able to handle customization requests to meet their lead time and standard requirements. An experienced EMS provider will be able to assist you in developing these capabilities throughout their supply chain.

What Do They Offer?

Find out if the electronic contract manufacturing company in China has a wide variety of experience in your product category and find out what certifications they have.

Not only will it help them be an expert on your product, but it will also reassure you that they’re capable of doing what you need to. This is especially important if your business involves developing products or if you’re working with new technology.

Additionally, an electronic manufacturing service company likely provides several levels of service. However, for each level of service, there are some ways in which they can vary in providing it.

Different EMS providers may have different capabilities. A key factor in determining how well an EMS provider will meet your needs is understanding what they do and what they don’t do. Generally speaking, EMS providers will offer at least one of three basic levels of manufacturing services: design service, fabrication service or a combination thereof.

Benefits of Electronic Contract Manufacturers In China

There are several reasons why you should use electronic contract manufacturers in China, instead of manufacturing your products.

First and foremost, it will save you money. PCB assembly can cost anywhere from $0.50 – $1.00 per unit in China while it costs more than 10 times that amount in North America or Europe. Offshore manufacturers also allow businesses to save money by providing bulk orders that could be too costly otherwise.

Second, it’s a good way to speed up your time to market by using their long-term experience. A well-established EMS manufacturer can help design and produce a finished product from scratch within months. In this case, you don’t have to build your in-house engineering and design team to create whatever you want.

In addition, outsourcing your electronics production enables you to focus on core competencies that make your business profitable; no need to invest in expensive equipment or struggle with issues such as sourcing parts overseas.

Last but not least, some ECM companies in China offer more services than others—from design to production and shipment—which means that you don’t have to hire additional staff members or pay extra fees.

How To Choose An Electronic Contract Manufacturer?

Working with a Chinese EMS can save you money, but it’s important to remember that Chinese EMSs are not all created equal. Do your research and ensure that any suppliers you choose are legitimate and reliable.

You should choose a manufacturer with top-notch capabilities, great communication skills and a good reputation to guarantee your product will be a success.

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