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Why Product Design and Development in China is Worth A Second Look

Chinese manufacturing has long been infamous as the place where you can get cheap, but low-quality, goods. But times are changing, and China can now claim to be the home of some of the highest quality products available in the world. Product design and development in China has been improving significantly over the past several years, and many companies are looking towards China to get great products manufactured at affordable prices. Here’s why product design and development in China may be right for your business as well.

The rise of Made-in-China

If you’ve spent any time shopping for consumer goods, there’s no doubt that Made-in-China products are everywhere. While some manufacturers simply relocate to take advantage of low labor costs, others—including those with a luxury brand—choose to make high-end goods on Chinese soil to keep an eye on quality control. Meanwhile, more Chinese companies are starting to build their own brands by marketing their home-grown products as superior (whether they actually are or not). An interesting phenomenon of modern consumerism; plus, it’s hard to argue with cheap prices.

Products made in mainland China, with their high production quality and low prices, are starting to become popular, even not just in China. Its strong presence in international markets, especially in the area of electronics and new energy vehicles, has proved the point. Chinese products have gradually formed an image that is both attractive and reliable. The country’s brand awareness among global consumers will continue to rise along with its economic growth, making it more important than ever for foreign companies to consider how they approach manufacturing there, especially in terms of designing and developing their product there, as China is very capable now in this regard and China-made products are less and less associated with negative stereotypes.

Technology Innovation

China never shies away from its ambition in technology innovation. Take Shenzhen for example, a Chinese city adjacent to Hong Kong, which has risen quickly as one of Asia’s fastest-growing tech hubs. And it’s only going to get bigger: Shenzhen will invest more than 700 billion RMB($104.05 Billion) in hi-tech research and development as its 14th five-year plan. In addition to software startups, electronics manufacturing plays a large role in its economic growth; there are over 100 companies within Shenzhen dedicated to producing electronic products for other companies.

It’s no wonder that Silicon Valley giants like Intel have turned their attention (and investments) toward Shenzhen—the global market for smartphones alone will reach nearly $792.51 billion by 2029. By comparison, total U.S. retail sales were $6.6 trillion in 2021. The future looks bright for Shenzhen, and even Apple has started to outsource more and more assignments to Chinese engineering and design teams. Its technology capabilities of developing a product has made working with manufacturers in China an excellent way to get your products designed and produced quickly and creatively, and some of their technologies even have redefined the whole industry.

It may not be dirt cheap anymore, but still cheaper than your native market

China may not beat Southeast Asia regarding price, but it definitely only costs a fraction of what will cost if designing and developing your product in a western country. Moreover, Chinese companies are generally more willing to work with you to help you come up with an idea that can be produced at an affordable price than those in other countries. This means that you could end up saving money by going through them as they might suggest ways for you to lower production costs without sacrificing quality. It’s also worth noting that because Chinese workers are paid more moderately – so don’t be afraid to ask for multiple revisions on your prototype until it’s just right!

You’ll also have access to a huge pool of affordable talents. The sheer number of universities (both public and private) located throughout the country mean that there are thousands upon thousands of people who have already graduated with degrees related to these fields. In fact, many would argue that China has some of best colleges around – many even rank among top universities worldwide – which means there’s no shortage when it comes to getting qualified candidates for your project! Most importantly, that’ll cost a lot less than the west.

Full-fledged Supply Chains

If you want to start an actual business, not just launch an idea or a project, then you need to make sure that your idea can become reality. That involves making sure that all aspects of production are accounted for and worked out so there aren’t any nasty surprises down the road. This is called having a full-fledged supply chain, and China has it.  China allows companies to take advantage of its large manufacturing base without sacrificing quality control, and every aspect of a manufacturing process is concentrate around one place, which will afford you better control.

It also makes it easier for small businesses to get started since they don’t have to worry about building up a massive infrastructure from scratch. Getting started with product design and development in China means taking advantage of these benefits—and potentially saving yourself time and money along the way.

In short, there are many benefits to getting your new product design and developed in China. If you have a clear idea of what you want from your manufacturing partner, it doesn’t take long to find one that suits your needs perfectly. Shield Works is your perfect choice with 17 years of product design and development helping so many startups. Let us know if you’re interested!