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As a member of the C2W Group Shield Works also leverages the capabilities of C2W to offer clients a range of additional value-added supply chain services.

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IPR Protection

To be truly successful in China, companies must establish a clear-cut and fully integrated IP protection strategy. This approach must be tailored to meet the specific IP problems the company faces across their product range and should be derived from their explicit goals, product markets, resources and budget.

At Shield Works we work hand in hand with our clients to assist in developing a well-defined and robust Intellectual Property Protection Strategy (IPPS) in China.

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Independent Quality Control Services

C2W offer a range of inspection services to meet the needs of companies having goods manufactured in China and SE Asia. We understand the critical nature of ensuring goods are thoroughly checked throughout the manufacturing process.

You can call on C2W for a single inspection or for a complete end-to-end service. C2W provides a full suite of quality services including initial factory audits (capability, social, environmental), pre-production, in-process, final random sampling, pre-shipment and container loading inspections.

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Product Development

Shield Works’ parent company C2W offers product development services including industrial design, R&D, DFM reviews, electronic product development and product prototyping. Most of these services are provided in-house although for certain projects we will use our affiliated partners.

By partnering with C2W for your product development cycle you not only benefit from economical time and costs but also move forward with confidence that your product is being designed and fully optimised for China mass production techniques and manufacturing expertise.

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US Warehousing & 3PL Services

From our base in Orange County, California, C2W (US) offers professional and reliable warehousing, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and fulfilment services.

Utilising our WMS software system SkuVault our US operation is able to seamlessly integrate with the Shield Works warehouse and 3PL infrastructure providing our clients with one-stop global inventory control and management solutions.

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Sourcing in Low Cost Regions - SE Asia & India

South East Asia and India have been areas of interest for low cost manufacturing for some time but they have found it hard to climb out of China’s shadow. This could be about to change very rapidly and it would be wise to act now rather than wait until it's too late.

C2W has been active all over Asia since 2005 and is ready to take on this challenge with regional offices established in Bangkok, Thailand and in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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Product Prototyping

Shield Works partners with trusted supply partners to provide quick turnaround Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining and Rapid Tooling serve in a wide range of industries for the manufacturing of plastic and metal parts.

Our ISO certified partners specialize in prototype machining and low-volume production for custom parts, enabling Shield Works to provide one-stop services from prototype to production.

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Laboratory Testing

Testing of any assembled product, raw material or component part is a necessary requirement in providing Quality Assurance to clients and ensuring the safety of the end users.

Shield Works can arrange for appropriate tests to be performed on a wide range of materials and products in our local partners’ labs, seamlessly integrating test and certification requirements with your manufacturing and assembly process.

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Shield Works’ flagship 70,000 square-foot facility is based in Zhuhai a beautiful city in the Greater Bay Area, located on the coast of Guangdong province South China.

Floor 4 Precision Workshop Building C, Zhong Yuan Industrial Park, No. 2 Shengli Road, Sanzao, Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519040, PRC.

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