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outsourced manufacturing

Understanding the Risks of Outsourced Manufacturing

outsourced manufacturing

Are you aware that around 20% of small businesses fail within a year?

Your company must stay afloat, even with a suboptimal budget. It’s tempting to jump to outsourced manufacturing because of convenience and quality. However, it doesn’t come without its risks.

So, what are the things you must be aware of?

First, you must know that it’s not a fool-proof solution. Read the rest of our guide to understand it better.

Supplier Risk

Direct arrangements with suppliers from every industry always come with risks. However, the risk can be greater when you’re sourcing from an international supplier. If you plan to outsource, you must carry out a thorough investigation.

You must know the possible source markets and suppliers. After that, you must make an in-depth risk assessment. Check the provider’s possible suppliers to know potential issues that may arise.

Your investigation must include all aspects of the supplier. It includes operations, quality, leadership, and labor. See whether their track record holds up to their promise.

This way, you’ll avoid operation disruptions because your supplier lacks a follow-through. You may also ask other helpful companies who used your potential supplier before. You’ll gain insight into working with them once you made the decision.

Quality Assurance

The results of quality failure are worse when it comes from international sources. Compared to domestic sources, the lead times for transporting products are longer. When this happens, you’ll likely suffer from serious business disruptions.

It can get so bad that it takes several months to correct the problems. To mitigate this risk, you must prepare detailed product specifications for your sources. Tell them that you’ll do some independent quality control inspections from time to time.

Take note, a decline in product quality can damage your reputation. Avoid this and spend a few weeks observing the process of manufacturing. This is cheaper and ensures quality, which is better than discovering you need a recall.

Intellectual Property Protection

Be careful of sharing information with your outsourced manufacturers. Check their origin country and their intellectual property rights first. Otherwise, someone might leak your propriety information.

It often happens when the manufacturer’s country has more relaxed IP laws. Depending on the product, you might find it better not to outsource anything. However, if your product undergoes regular upgrades, this might not be an issue.

If you think you can develop better items faster with better product quality, you may neglect patent protection. This happens when you pump out new products faster than the market’s capabilities.

Brand Reputation Risks

If you’ve been in the business for a long while, you know it takes lots of time to build a brand. Overnight success doesn’t exist because it takes years or decades. Your brand reputation matters, whether your company is local or global.

To minimize the risk to your reputation, you must consider some factors. Here are some:

Transportation and Delivery

Outsourcing to foreign services may also be troublesome if you don’t go through with the contracting process step by step. It may lead to delayed deliveries if not cleared up well enough.

The process of ordering and delivery must have a consistent time frame. Think about whether your outsourced manufacturer can keep a consistent timeframe. If it increases, you must find ways to adjust your customers’ expectations.

You may also look for alternatives to get the time frame back to its proper place. If you can’t, you’ll risk ruining all your hard work. Customers hate waiting for more than they need to, so consider this factor as your priority.

Cultural Differences

It can impact your brand identity between countries. Lots of international brands understand this concept. It allows them to thrive and penetrate markets regardless of the country.

So, ensure that your brand will adjust to various cultures. It must follow expectations, standards, and traditions. It will allow your company to promote a seamless integration.

Sourcing Labor

This conversation isn’t as prevalent. Whenever it surfaces, it can harm your brand. It would be best to get a manufacturer that uses humane standards to make and fulfill your products.

Your manufacturer’s guidelines must be similar to your country’s. It’s especially when it’s labor laws and other related guidelines for employee safety. If your country is a member of ILO, both you and your outsourced help must adhere to its guidelines.


It seems obscure, but your manufacturer’s weather can affect your brand reputation. Bad weather can result in various delays. It puts your brand in a negative spotlight because you have to reveal your labor force.

The way your provider handles some weather-related situations can bite your supply chain as well. Regardless of their faults, your brand reputation will suffer. It’s why you must put it above everything else.

Is an Outsourced Manufacturing Right for You?

Before outsourcing a manufacturer, you must think about your company’s readiness. You must weigh the advantages of this decision to your company. It matters not what industry you’re in since its benefits and drawbacks remain the same.

Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturers

The primary reason to do this is to cut your spending. At the same time, it will boost your business’s productivity. Many companies are willing to produce popular demands.

You’ll also avoid every bureaucratic aspect of manufacturing. It’s what bogs companies down, especially for countries with stringent laws.

Drawbacks of Outsourcing Manufacturers

The laborers under your outsourced manufacturer don’t work under you. You have no direct means to boost these people’s mood or morale. If they boycott work because of difficult conditions, your company will suffer.

Invest in Outsourced Manufacturing Today

Despite the risks, an outsourced manufacturing partner can help boost your business productivity. It’s all about finding a reputable manufacturer to work with. Use this information to find the best one around.

Are you looking to work with an international manufacturer? If so, contact us today and let’s talk about boosting your company’s sales.

order consolidation

The Pros and Cons of Order Consolidation

order consolidation

In placing orders, shipping works best when orders come in bulk. Though with orders that come smaller or lesser than the expected amount, it hurts the shipping companies due to the costs involved. In such circumstances, you would encounter the option for freight consolidation. This method works by putting smaller packages together into one cohesive shipment. This helps in reducing both shipment costs and environmental impact. 

Using order consolidation has its upsides and downsides. Today, we will look at these details and see how to make this work for you. 

Reduced Shipping Costs

To start, we will look at the advantages you gain from order consolidation. One of the more noticeable advantages of this arrangement is that it costs less on shipping. 

When you have shipment loads that are Less than Load (LTL), the shipping fee would depend on the size of the item. The rates would also vary between shipping companies. Though this changes when it fills up only 1/6 of the full load.

In such situations, it would end up with you paying for the rate equivalent to a full shipment size. This will have you shoulder the other underlying fees.

This changes when you go for order consolidation. By putting more LTL packages in a single shipment, you can reduce the costs of shipping.

This works well for cooperative setups. Here, you have one shipment to cover multiple packages from different sources. 

You get to divide the costs with others, letting you pay your side of the container or truck. This also applies to warehousing, especially with orders that go through international shipping.

There is also an arrangement where you have a warehouse for packages from multiple shops. For such an arrangement, you need order consolidation to answer that. This allows you to send the packages to your area in a single shipment. 

Streamlined Transportation with Faster Delivery Times

With this setup, you can get shorter times for transit and lead times. Due to how freights go in the same direction, the shipping becomes streamlined with its speed. This helps with timeframes due to how the majority of freights shipped using freight consolidation follow the same routes.

With this in mind, not only does it shorten the timeframe for the package to arrive, but it also comes without any interruptions. This means the order gets to the receiver without any stops.

Reduced Item Damage Risk

A single package on its own when placed for international shipping has a high chance of damage. It could end up getting jostled around and tossed from one corner to another without any means to secure it. This can prove detrimental as it damages the ordered item. 

When you have it alongside other packages in a single shipment, it secures the item in place. This means it has less space for it to get tossed around. You can achieve this through simpler shipping schedules.

Needing Lower Levels of Inventory

Opting for order consolidation allows you to use a consolidation warehouse to make this work. On this aspect, you need low inventory levels when fulfilling customer orders. On the business side, this helps you open up more space for other merchandise and products to sell. 

Store owners would note this as an advantage. It allows them to sell products with a higher variety. It also helps with organizing products and reduces inventory carrying costs.

Reduced Emissions and Environmental Impact

One of the things that affect the environment is fuel emissions. What makes order consolidation attractive is its approach towards efficiency. 

Not only does it apply efficiency in storage space for the shipment. It also puts it into practice with fuel emissions and costs. 

Instead of splitting up different shipments in separate runs, you end up having packages shipped by batch. This reduces the number of trucks and other transportation vehicles involved in the delivery. 

Helps Avoid Overcrowded Docks

For brick-and-mortar shops, overcrowded docks can impede in handling shipments. With this method, you can avoid overcrowded docks by reducing the number of trucks present. With more space on the dockside, you have an easier time handling the products.

This opens up towards increased efficiency. It helps avoid late shipments and unintended detention times.  

Improving Customer Satisfaction 

With order consolidation, customer satisfaction improves. Not only does it provide the products with better quality, but it also charges less on shipping. With improved customer satisfaction, they would want more.

Logistics Scheduling Becomes Complicated

For this approach, scheduling becomes one of the trickier aspects. The process of scheduling the shipments may end up being the long and heavy portion of the whole arrangement. It involves a lot of aspects of organization and execution.

If you choose to play this setup by ear, you would end up in a disorganized mess. You would end up with frequent reschedules and service calls. 

Consider going for a defined system for order consolidation. With an organized system in place, you have a simpler time dealing with such issues. 

Fulfillment Inaccuracies and Shipping Delays

Another notable problem is in the shipping in itself. Though this pertains to the other aspect, the warehouse. Order consolidation opens up a lot of complications in the scheduling. Making any wrong calls on this would cause delays in fulfillment.

The other issue that would come up would be inaccuracies. Without proper supervision, the packages may end up at the wrong address.

What you need to pull this off is a reliable logistics service provider. They can assist with situations involving warehousing and inventory.

Order Consolidation for Efficient Order Fulfillment

Using order consolidation provides a good number of advantages. It provides an efficient means for fulfilling products for orders that have smaller packages. While complicated, a reliable logistics company can help you ease out these situations.

Order consolidation is one of the solutions we offer. We can help you get started with your fulfillment needs, such as warehousing. Contact us today and we can help you get started.

oem original equipment manufacturer

What Do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Do?

oem original equipment manufacturer

You’ve just come up with a genius blueprint and need to implement it but don’t have the tools or the know-how to make your design come to life. What should you do? Where do you go from there? OEM Original equipment manufacturers are some of the most important organizations in the world.

The parts they make and the designs that they produce to keep the world as we know it spinning every day. If you were wanting to learn more about OEMs and what they do, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is an OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer?

An OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) makes OEM parts or components of a part for their buyers. These buyers can be separate companies that sell those parts to consumers or other companies under their own brand.

As an example, a manufacturer of factory equipment might assemble the equipment. From there, a lot of the parts were manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer.

What Do OEMs Do?

The primary function of original equipment manufacturers is to produce new parts for a product, but they do much more on top of that. OEM sell parts to consumers or businesses seeking replacement parts for products they have purchased.

These parts can be sold through the market or vendors, or to business through business-to-business sales. Some companies will even set up partnerships with OEMs in which the OEM will manufacture the part and send it to the company for them to re-brand and use.

Who Does Business With OEMs?

A major source of business for OEMs is the work that they do with value-added resellers. Value-added resellers are companies that purchase OEM parts and upgrade or augment them to add more value before selling them.

The value that VARs add to these products is usually in the form of software upgrades or special features. VARs also take these products and bundle them together to make new products to sell under their own brand.

In most cases, original equipment manufacturers work in a business-to-business capacity. The last few years have seen increasing amounts of OEMs that are beginning to sell replacement parts directly to consumers.

There are two main industries in which consumers are purchasing OEM parts. They are the technology industry (particularly computers) and the automotive industry.

Both industries have a large number of people who work on and build their own devices or machinery. It is less expensive for them to source the original part and complete the work themselves. It also keeps the warranty for their device or machinery in place.

Benefits of Original Equipment Manufacturers

There is a multitude of benefits that come with getting new parts from the original equipment manufacturer:

  • Top Quality: There are a lot of ways to get replacement parts, but nothing will beat the original equipment manufacturer part. It is identical to the original part that it is replacing. Though it may cost more than other options the quality is better.
  • Durability: OEM parts are more durable. They come with the added benefit of knowing the materials used to make them, and they tend to be better made.
  • Lifespan: OEM parts last much longer before requiring a replacement part. The processes used to make them and the materials that make up the parts are both top-notch.

OEM parts are made specifically for the product that is being used and will work perfectly as a replacement. They are made to precise specifications and most times they come with lifetime warranties. If the part does go bad and requires a replacement that replacement part can be obtained for free.

These benefits also spill over into the bottom line of your business. Working directly with original equipment manufacturers can save you money and time.

By working with an OEM, a company can save money in investment into the manufacturing of the parts they need. This also shortens the turnaround time that it takes for producing those parts.

Other OEM Services

There are a lot of other services that original equipment manufacturers provide that can be a valuable asset to you and your company.

Some OEMs are able to customize procedures and create specialized in-house processes for manufacturing OEM parts for you and your business.

Depending on what you need, original equipment manufacturers can produce new innovations that you draw up. OEMs are able to create new equipment and parts for whatever your needs may be.

OEMs can also be a great resource for outsourcing important tasks or parts of the manufacturing process. This can be especially important if you wish to keep your design safe and secure.

Best of all, original equipment manufacturers are able to implement these specialized processes at their own manufacturing plant. This can give them an opportunity to apply their expertise and make manufacturing efficient.

Another service that OEMs can provide is helping you to secure intellectual property patents. This is a great idea if you develop new ideas and innovations. Doing this protects your ideas from being stolen and implemented by other manufacturers.

OEMs work with companies that will look after your intellectual property. It doesn’t matter if it is copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

How to Start

Now you know all about OEM original equipment manufacturers and how they can benefit you. Whether you are a business using a certain product, a VAR looking to upgrade parts, or a consumer trying to source a replacement part, OEMs are here to help.

Get started today with all of your original equipment manufacturing needs.

What makes Shield Works different from your average manufacturer?

With such a wide body of manufacturing companies in China and neighbouring countries, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting the right manufacturing service provider. However, here at Shield Works we do things differently. That’s why we believe we should be your number one choice.

This blog will discuss just a few features of our work that set us apart from the competition. Hopefully we can convince you why we should be your first choice when seeking manufacturing in China.

Western owned and managed:

Shield Works is a western owned and managed company. We believe in Western standards of service, communications and quality. It can be extremely difficult communicating across a language barrier and when your business is the topic of conversation. Of course, you don’t want to be getting anything confused.

All three founding Directors of Shield Works are British. They have been based in Asia permanently for the past 14 years. We hope this gives faith to the fact that as a company, we are more than capable of maintaining the core values of Shield Work: transparency and integrity and you can trust that business will run smoothly.

24/7 Productions line access:

Here at Shield Works we believe it is important to have access to knowledge. To be in-the-know about your products and work force is an extremely important aspect to business relationships, especially when there are distances and time zone differences to consider.

Not only do we offer you this visibility as a sign of our credibility, but we also offer the chance to personalise where in your production line you would like to have access to.  You can have cameras set up following your personal preferences giving you full visibility.

Shield Works offers you the ability to check-in on business through an app on your smartphone, desktop or tablet. It means that your business and its success is exactly where it should be…at your fingertips!

State-of-the-art IP protection technologies and methods.  

At Shield Works we have state-of-the-art finger print access secure production zones in order to protect your interests and provide full IP protection at the source of manufacture. We will have legally binding NDAs with every external body that we may work with during the process of your assembly line in order to ensure this is protected.


Unlike the majority of manufacturing companies, Shield Works starts business with a fully-equipped and experienced team. In this way, the operations can be scaled to accommodate growing production demands.

This experience denotes our ability to work flexibly in the ever-changing world of production. We work in accordance to your individual needs, offering our clients an in-house customised precision assembly line. We even offer the chance to fully customise our work procedures, equipment and develop new specialist in-house manufacturing processes.

A well-established parent company for added reassurance:

Shield Works is not your average start-up company because we can offer you a well-established parent company to base your expectations on.

Founded in 2005, China 2 West Services Ltd (C2W) is a one stop manufacturing consulting firm. We are able to offer a wide range of services to provide you with high-quality manufacturing in China. All production undertaken at Shield Works will have C2W’s quality inspection services. What’s more, C2W’s highly trained Quality Engineers will work independently from Shield Works in order to report to you objectively and directly. This should give you extra reassurance when you need it most.

Not just manufacturers

The fact that Shield Works is the child company of C2W means that we are not just ran by manufacturers with a limited knowledge in manufacturing. Our experienced team is made up of individuals who have first-hand experience in every single stage of the process, meaning that the work we do is a complete conclusion of all the very best insights from each and every domain of the process. This means you can be sure that we know exactly how to improve the process, starting from day one.


Having such a successful parent company also means that Shield Works stands out from the crowd by starting business as an expert in a large number of areas. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Home and Kitchenware
  • Tools & Hardware Products
  • DIY Equipment
  • Automotive Parts
  • Safety Equipment
  • Healthcare
  • Jewellery
  • Inventions & Gadgets

 For a more extensive list, see our ‘Expertise’ page on our website.

We hope that this blog is useful in helping you understand how Shield Works approach our work and clients differently and what inherent features of our business make us stand out from competitors.

For more information or a discussion about whether we can satisfy your unique requirements then do not hesitate to  contact us directly.

warehousing in China

The Benefits of 3PL and Warehousing in China

warehousing in China

Retailers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, save money, and do whatever they can to ensure their company runs smoothly. Doing one thing that can meet all three things can be difficult, but 3PL services and warehousing in China can give you what you need. 

Are you familiar with the term 3PL? Have you thought about the benefits of managing warehousing services overseas? Let us teach you what you need to know about both.

Keep reading to learn more about 3PL and how warehousing in China can benefit your business. 

What Is 3PL?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to for a product to get from a warehouse to the retailer’s store?

Ecommerce logistics, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, freight forwarding, and fulfillment all have to work together in order to bring customers and sellers their much-needed products. Managing all of that on your own can get costly and time-consuming. 

3PL is an abbreviation of the term third-party logistics, and utilizing 3PL services allows savvy business owners to outsource the important tasks we just mentioned. 

3PL allows you to outsource operational logistics. This can include warehousing, production, delivery, and more. Overall, it allows you to focus on other parts of your business. 

Many people associate 3PL with e-commerce retailers, but the truth is that plenty of companies have been outsourcing the manufacturing and shipping of their products for decades. 

5 Major Benefits of Warehousing in China 

If the idea of using 3PL services excites you, it’s worth considering warehousing in China. 

Warehousing is a big part of 3PL services, and it’s important to note that warehousing goes far beyond just storing items in one place. Comprehensive services can cover order fulfillment, inventory control, contract warehousing, cross-docking, transport, and transloading. 

Warehousing in China comes with its own unique set of benefits. Curious about why so many companies are deciding to go with warehousing companies in China? After you learn how they can benefit your company, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started using their services sooner. 

1. Work Efficiently

As we’ve mentioned, warehousing requires many different services: Managing inventory, fulfillment, transportation, and other essential things. It’s a lot of different and equally important services to manage, and doing it on your own can be difficult. 

When you outsource your warehousing services, you’re able to have one company manage everything. Instead of having to juggle a lot of different services, you’ll be able to have one company manage everything.

This doesn’t just make your workday easier. It can also help make things more efficient. Having all of your warehousing work handled by one provider means that one provider is also managing your paperwork, orders, and other important documentation. 

2. Save Money

We just talked about how much time it takes to effectively manage warehousing services for businesses. The time cost is something important to account for, but the actual monetary cost can even more expensive. 

Paying for warehousing services in the US can be very expensive. On top of thinking about the base cost of their services, you also have to think about how many people you’ll need on your own staff to help manage who you’re outsourcing to. 

The strong Chinese economy is built around manufacturing and shipping. Services in China are generally much less expensive than services in America, and that’s especially true when it comes to shipping and warehousing. You simply can’t beat the costs. 

3. Scale Effectively 

One of the most difficult things about effectively growing a business is scalability. You want to make the right decisions around growth, but there’s a lot of risks around costs when you’re a retailer.

Growing your business when you’re a retailer will require buying and selling more products. Having a glut of leftover products can take up space in your store and could cost you a lot of money. 

When you outsource warehousing, you’ll have a partner that can help you with inventory control. They can help ensure that you scale effectively and efficiently and make it less expensive for you to produce more products. 

4. Tap Into Company Connections

Are you thinking about using a different manufacturer to produce your products? Do you want to use a new shipping company? Are you thinking about selling your products in China or in other markets? 

Finding the right companies to work with can be difficult. However, the right warehousing provider can get you in touch with the right people. 

Warehousing companies work with a lot of different businesses. If you want to break into new markets or try new services, your warehousing company could help get you the connections you’re looking for. 

Instead of having to go off of anonymous reviews, you’ll be able to work with companies your warehousing provider trusts. This can be especially helpful if you’re thinking about working with other Chinese providers. They’ll understand the local markets better than you and can give you invaluable insight into the inner workings of some businesses. 

5. Benefit From Their Expertise 

If you’re focused on growing your company, you can’t spend your time worrying about logistics around warehousing. Instead of having to focus on menial tasks, let a true expert handle your warehousing needs.

Chinese warehousing services have helped small retailers and global conglomerates grow their businesses effectively. They can focus on the important warehousing work, and you can spend your time and energy on other matters. 

Start Warehousing the Right Way

Warehousing in China can benefit business owners of any size. If you want to scale your business efficiently, save time and money, and make new business connections, it’s time to find the right company to work with.

Regardless of what 3PL services you need, we’re ready to help. Be sure to contact us today so we can start thinking about the best ways to help your business grow. 

product assembly

Outsourcing Product Assembly in China: What to Know

product assembly

Outsourcing product assembly to China can help grow your business and increase your bottom-line.

It’s a step that many companies are taking to help bolster their manufacturing process, reduce turnaround times, and save on costs.

But finding the right product assembly partner isn’t always easy and problems often arise due to business misunderstandings. To mitigate any issues there are some important things to know.

After all, is outsourcing really worth it for your business? And how do you find the right assembly partner in China? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Assembly

More and more businesses are opting to outsource their product assembly process to China. Why? Because it provides several benefits over the traditional in-house approach.

Here are some of the main benefits of outsourcing product assembly. 


Assembling complex products often requires a hefty investment. For example, many electrical products need to be assembled by expert technicians. This means companies will have to hire new talent to get the job done.

On the other hand, rapid assembly may require expensive machines. Investing in this kind of equipment is expensive. 

Assembly partners already possess the correct expertise and equipment to get the job done. Outsourcing this process allows companies to save on these large costs.

Outsourcing partners are experts at product assembly. They understand how to complete the process with minimal difficulty. 

Access to Experts

Product assembly can be a complicated task. Depending on the product, it may require expertise beyond the capacity of your business. This is where an assembly partner comes in.

Product assembly companies already have the talent and knowledge to complete the assembly process. Their technicians assemble goods all day long and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Shorter Lead Times

Using an assembly company can decrease your lead time. In-house turnaround times are generally much longer, and, as everyone knows, time is money.

Assembly companies are experts at what they do. Their processes are refined and their technicians work fast.


With the right outsourcing partner, it’s easy to scale up your assembly. Scaling-up in-house requires investing in more machines and hiring more employees. 

Assembly companies already have the necessary equipment and technical knowledge. They will be happy to take on more work. And when you need to increase production, you don’t have to worry about logistical headaches.

Things to Know About Product Assembly Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing product assembly, there are some important things to understand. It all starts with drawing up a detailed strategy.

Define Your Strategy

Having a proper plan is crucial for the success of any new project. After deciding to outsource product assembly to China, there are several things to think about. You need to consider all the variables before beginning the transition.

The first step is to bring together all of the business leaders. Ensure everyone agrees about the benefits of outsourcing assembly. Once the leaders are all on board, set up a team to manage the project.

Remember to plan for the long-term when analyzing the financial benefits. A long-term approach is important for the success of your business.

Understand the Costs

Before outsourcing product assembly, you need to understand your in-house manufacturing costs. This helps when you’re choosing and comparing different assembly partners.

In fact, failing to understand your current costs of assembly can result in more money lost.

Choose Your Partner Carefully

There are many product assembly companies in China, so which one should you choose? The truth is that not all partners are created equal. Quality is a sliding scale.

When searching for a partner, you should keep in mind your own business needs and goals. Find a partner that specializes in the service that you need. And remember to read past all the showy sales speak.

Find out whether their services are cohesive enough to help you save costs. Some assembly partners are more streamlined than others.

Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Keeping your intellectual property safe is important for the success of your business. Outsourcing to China may be appealing, but remember to do your due diligence.

If your intellectual property is stolen or leaked, this could be a big set back to your business.

It’s important to ensure that your chosen partner’s data systems are secure. You should also do some research on the intellectual property laws in China.

Size Matters 

Remember, the size of your outsourcing partner matters. If you’re a medium-sized manufacturer, look for a partner of similar size. Larger assembly companies often struggle to service smaller accounts.

A large scale assembly company might cause delays to your production line. To avoid this, find an assembly partner in China who services businesses of similar sizes to yours.

Clear Communication

Many problems that occur when first outsourcing assembly to China are due to poor communication. This usually happens due to the language barrier and differences in business culture.

In China, most staff don’t have a high level of English. It’s mostly sales members that can communicate proficiently with customers.

The good news is, if you’re aware of these issues beforehand, you can mitigate problems down the road. One way to ensure success is by writing up the specifications of your business agreement in Chinese.

Let Shield Words Take Care of Your Product Assembly

Outsourcing your product assembly to China is a big step but it comes with a lot of benefits. 

Before making the switch, it’s important to have a clear plan in place. Assemble a team to handle the project and choose a partner that meets your business’s needs. Lastly, remember to ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

If you’re looking for an outsourcing partner in China, look no further than Shield Works. We’re a British-owned assembly company based in Zhuhai. We’re driven by quality and we offer customized solutions. Contact us today.

The gist of Shield Works

So you’re probably wondering who we are and why it makes sense to use Shield works as your manufacturing company.

Who are Shield Works?

To put it in simple terms, Shield Works is a precision assembly and IPR protective, manufacturing and warehouse facility. Shield Works is the child company of China 2 West, with 14 years of experience. The gist of Shield Works is that after 14 years of experience and having developed a number of specialities, Shield Works is our very own in-house manufacturing warehouse facility open for clients.

Who are China 2 West?

China 2 West is a western owned and manufacturing consultancy. We which provides supply chain management, quality control and production development services in Asia. Due to our vast experience in 3PL (Third Part Logistics), we have been able to create a company offering customised OEM manufacturing, assembly and warehousing solutions. The advantage of this is that China 2 West really know what we’re doing. Besides, we are able to provide customers with the best services developed across 14 years of experience.

What is the advantage of this partnership?

The advantage of using Shield Works is that you can get the RISK-FREE manufacturing solutions due to China 2 West’s well-established success. Your production will also be done according to internationally recognised quality standards.

Shield Works is based in the heart of Zhuhai City, China. We offer all the usual cost benefits of manufacturing in China. But with the added benefits of having a trusted and mature parent company to over-see manufacturing and all other areas of business.

Being just at thirty-five minute commute from the China 2 West company building, Shield Works can undergo extensive inspection and will have efficient and cooperative communications with China 2 West.

Business at Shield Works will also experience inspections in line with China 2 West’s internationally recognised inspection standards. What’s more, the Quality Engineers will work separately from Shield Works to report to you directly. It means you can avoid any middle men slowing down the progress of your project.

We hope this blog has helped with explaining the general gist of Shield Works. For further information, visit our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any specific questions or requests.

British Business Awards 2020 Finalist Announcement

The C2W Group has been selected as a finalist in the British Business Awards 2020 in the category of Best British Business, being judged out of dozens of incredible companies to be one of the Top 5 British Companies in China!

This great accomplishment is testament to our incredible staff, to our C2W family.

The winner will be announced at a Gala Ceremony in Shanghai on 29th October after the next stage of judging. The Top 5 finalists for Best British Business include:

British Company of the Year Award


Sponsored by SpiraxSarco 由斯派莎克赞助

  • C2W Group 珠海中西电子科技有限公司
  • Halma 英国豪迈集团
  • Smiths Group 史密斯集团
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance 沃博联
  • Wood 伍德

BBA website:

EN: http://www.britishbusinessawards.cn/british-business-awards-2020-finalists-announced/

WeChat: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/KjcVRqDyqJO9_B0eSUYWyQ