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Our Future

At Shield Works we don’t believe in standing still.

Shield Works will always aim to stay at the forefront of shifting industry trends to provide the world's best manufacturing practices.

Continuous Improvement Methodologies

We understand the importance of continuous process improvement and will pass on these benefits to our clients as we strive to improve productivity, lead-times and quality whilst lowering costs.

Operational development, strategic planning and a focus on innovation drive our process optimization and help accelerate both performance and efficiency throughout the facility.


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Shield Works SE Asia  

The recent and ongoing trade dispute between the US and China has made a lot of US importers nervous and it's no surprise that interest has grown in relocating manufacturing activities to suppliers in countries other than China.


South East Asia has been an area of interest for low cost manufacturing for some time but to date they have found it hard to climb out of China’s shadow. This could be about to change very rapidly and Shield Works plans to stay at the forefront of the Asia based manufacturing industry.


Shield Work’s parent company C2W has been active all over Asia since 2005 and has regional offices established in Bangkok, Thailand and in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


Our vision is to expand the Shield Works model to alternative suitable SE Asia based locations offering the same core tier-one product assembly/manufacturing/warehousing services and IPR protection within these exciting new frontiers.

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Contact us to get started in SE Asia. We respond to most enquiries within 24 hrs.

Shield Works - Zhuhai Flagship Facility

Shield Works’ flagship 70,000 square-foot facility is based in Zhuhai a beautiful city in the Greater Bay Area, located on the coast of Guangdong province South China.

Floor 4 Precision Workshop Building C, Zhong Yuan Industrial Park, No. 2 Shengli Road, Sanzao, Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519040, PRC.

珠海盛世熙德电子科技有限公司 中国广东省珠海市金湾区三灶镇胜利路2号二期厂房C栋4楼 邮编519040