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Precision Assembly,
Contract Manufacturing,
Warehousing & 3PL Services
in China

Shield Works provides customized OEM manufacturing, assembly and warehousing solutions to our international client base within individual IPR protective production zones housed inside the Shield Works facility.

Guided by 15 years of China based manufacturing experience our aim is the provision of risk-free manufacturing solutions to internationally recognized quality standards.

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Why Choose Shield Works?

100% British Owned & Managed

Shield Works is 100% British owned and managed. At Shield Works we believe in western standards of service, communication, quality and business ethics throughout our operation.

IP Security

Finger print access secure production zones within the Shield Works facility protect your interests and provide full IP protection at the source of manufacture.


Unprecedented transparency and access to your China production activities with a 24/7 secure video stream LIVE from your designated manufacturing zone within the Shield Works facility.


Real-time production monitoring direct from your assembly line with detailed statistical reporting and round the clock direct lines of communication with your China production team.


100% flexibility and cooperation to accommodate last minute orders or product changes and urgent project requirements.


Parent company C2W was founded in 2005 with the core values of transparency and integrity. These principles have remained integral to our success and form the backbone of the Shield Works service and working methodologies.


Automation improves production output, quality and consistency. Our cutting-edge automation solutions provide relief for workers allowing them to focus on critical operations.

Quality Control

ISO standard work practices, record keeping and processes throughout the Shield Works facility with full in-house quality control to internationally recognized standards.

Global Integration

End to end manufacturing, supply chain management, inventory storage and product distribution solutions with Shield Works fully integrated US & China based hubs.

Our Services


In-house customized precision assembly activities with a quality first focus, unprecedented client access and built in IPR protection.


A forward-thinking approach with the ability to fully customize work procedures, equipment and develop new specialist in-house manufacturing processes.


Secure warehouse storage, inventory management, product shipping, distribution and product handling.


Shield Works Fast Facts

100% British ownership.

Customized manufacturing and assembly solutions.

Full IPR protection with secure individually designated production zones.

ISO standard work practices, record keeping and processes.

Rapid, clear and transparent communications throughout production.

Exclusive 24/7 live video feed client access to production zones.

Full in-house quality control to internationally recognized standards.

Dual-layer independent QC applied to all production activities by parent company C2W’s highly skilled and experienced quality -inspectors.

100% flexibility and cooperation to accommodate last minute order or product changes and urgent project requirements.

Ability to customize orders and implement design changes on short lead-times.

15 years of China based operational and manufacturing experience.

WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) setup in full accordance with PRC laws and regulations for assembly/manufacturing and 100% product exportation.

Conveniently located in the rapidly developing city of Zhuhai with fast transportation links to Hong Kong, Macau, and the nine key Greater Bay Area manufacturing municipalities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing.

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