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The gist of Shield Works

So you’re probably wondering who we are and why it makes sense to use Shield works as your manufacturing company.

Who are Shield Works?

To put it in simple terms, Shield Works is a precision assembly and IPR protective, manufacturing and warehouse facility. Shield Works is the child company of China 2 West, with 14 years of experience. The gist of Shield Works is that after 14 years of experience and having developed a number of specialities, Shield Works is our very own in-house manufacturing warehouse facility open for clients.

Who are China 2 West?

China 2 West is a western owned and manufacturing consultancy. We which provides supply chain management, quality control and production development services in Asia. Due to our vast experience in 3PL (Third Part Logistics), we have been able to create a company offering customised OEM manufacturing, assembly and warehousing solutions. The advantage of this is that China 2 West really know what we’re doing. Besides, we are able to provide customers with the best services developed across 14 years of experience.

What is the advantage of this partnership?

The advantage of using Shield Works is that you can get the RISK-FREE manufacturing solutions due to China 2 West’s well-established success. Your production will also be done according to internationally recognised quality standards.

Shield Works is based in the heart of Zhuhai City, China. We offer all the usual cost benefits of manufacturing in China. But with the added benefits of having a trusted and mature parent company to over-see manufacturing and all other areas of business.

Being just at thirty-five minute commute from the China 2 West company building, Shield Works can undergo extensive inspection and will have efficient and cooperative communications with China 2 West.

Business at Shield Works will also experience inspections in line with China 2 West’s internationally recognised inspection standards. What’s more, the Quality Engineers will work separately from Shield Works to report to you directly. It means you can avoid any middle men slowing down the progress of your project.

We hope this blog has helped with explaining the general gist of Shield Works. For further information, visit our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any specific questions or requests.