Precision Assembly 

In-house customized precision assembly activities with a quality first focus, unprecedented client access and built in IPR protection.

Customized Manufacturing

 A forward-thinking approach with the ability to fully customize work procedures, equipment and develop new specialist in-house manufacturing processes.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Secure warehouse storage, inventory management and control. Bar-coding, re-packaging, labelling, pick and pack, kitting and other value-added warehousing services.

Order Consolidation

 Multi-source product delivery to Shield Works warehouse for consolidation, repacking, storage and dispatch to you or your clients direct.

Supplier ID & Management

 Procurement and management of all product component supply throughout your supply chain providing peace of mind and total production control.

Additional Services

As a member of the C2W Group Shield Works leverages the capabilities of C2W to offer clients a range of additional value-added supply chain services.

Quality Inspection & Testing

Deliver completed production orders to the secure Shield Works facility for Pre-Shipping Inspections, 100% quality checks, specialist testing, defect sorting or corrective action process implementation.