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What Are the Benefits of OEM Manufacturing: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever received parts for your equipment and products that don’t work as expected? This is a common problem businesses face when they don’t partner with an OEM manufacturing company.

Choosing aftermarket products to save money will end up costing you more in the end. Parts will fail, take longer to ship, and don’t meet the required specifications of your products.

OEM manufacturing, however, delivers quality parts designed to fit your equipment and products. Every product you receive will work as expected and comes with additional warranties and support.

Do you want to invest in long-lasting parts guaranteed to work with your products? Check out these benefits of OEM manufacturing.

What is OEM Manufacturing?

When you see OEM manufacturing on an item, it stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM manufacturer is a company that produces original products or parts to a product. Another company purchases the OEM parts and products to use in their products or sell to buyers under their branding.

The companies reselling the OEM parts are Value-Added Resellers or VARs. The VAR sells OEM products with added features to enhance its benefits. VARs and OEMs have a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Your car is a perfect example of an OEM and VAR relationship. The brand of the car is the VAR but they don’t manufacture every part of their vehicles. An OEM company manufactures these parts, such as the tires, seat belts, or the car battery.

OEM Manufacturing Benefits

Working with an OEM manufacturing partner guarantees the products you buy are high-quality and will properly fit in your products. Some aftermarket companies may offer similar parts but they may not fit nor offer the same compatibility.

Here are a few reasons why you need to work with an OEM original manufacturer.

Faster Response

When you need a specific part for a project or as a replacement, ordering from your top OEM manufacturers will take less time. There’s no “middle-man” as you can directly order parts from the OEM manufacturer.

Working with a third-party distributor, broker, or aftermarket company will take significantly longer. These companies may take longer to identify the part and determine whether they have a particular part or product in stock. In other cases, it will take longer for them to locate it in their storage warehouse since they distribute other products as well.

Reputable OEM manufacturers take pride in delivering their products as quickly as possible. Many monitor their delivery methods to ensure your receive your parts and products on time.

Additional Support

OEM manufacturers offer superior support when it comes to ordering or asking questions about a specific part or product you’ve ordered in the past. This is because the original engineers are a part of the OEM manufacturing company. You have access to engineering and technical support directly from the engineers.

OEM manufacturers have the greatest knowledge base of their products. They designed and crafted their products to fit a specific need or needs. From there, they tested the products to ensure they meet requirements and to find out their limitations.

OEM manufacturers know their products best. You’ll receive the most accurate information and answers to your questions directly from the source.

Quality Products

OEM manufacturers take pride in the products they create and place their name on every part and product. The OEM’s pride and confidence translate into high-quality products. OEM manufacturing companies work directly with their customers to ensure their parts fit their customers’ needs perfectly.

The success of an OEM manufacturing company largely depends on keeping their customers satisfied. Their parts and products need to continuously meet their customers’ expectations. Failing to do so can result in lost customers and a loss in sales.

What do you do if you need a part or product replaced? OEMs offer replacements that are identical, if not better, than the original part. OEMs craft their parts to meet the original part’s specifications and compatibilities.


Parts and products manufactured by an OEM company come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is also true for replacement parts—an advantage you can’t always get with any aftermarket company or distributor. Many OEMs will happily replace parts and offer a warranty on the replacement parts as well.

If you find a component or product has flaws, you can contact the source and request a new one. Again, OEMs value their customers’ satisfaction and are happy to help your business with any issues you may run into.

Added Value and a Longer Lifespan

OEM manufacturers like Shield Works, craft parts that are identical to the parts before. New and improved pieces meet the same specifications ensuring they offer the same performance as before.

Any spare parts offered by an OEM manufacturer will outlast and outperform any aftermarket product. OEMs use high-quality materials and regularly test all of their products for durability and reliability.

Opting for an aftermarket part or product may have cheaper upfront costs but the cost of installation and running the part will cost you more. These parts are likelier to fail and possibly damage your equipment. An aftermarket part won’t have the same specifications, warranties, and lifespan as OEM products.

A Greater Return on Investment

Partnering with an OEM manufacturing company will offer you a greater return on investment. You can order custom manufactured parts better suited for your products and equipment. Since OEM parts must meet specific requirements and specifications for your products, they’ll improve the longevity of your equipment. This level of reliability and longer lifespan will save you money and time.

OEM manufacturers look to and prepare for tomorrow meaning they’re continuously looking for ways to improve their products to better fit their clients’ needs. Working with an OEM manufacturing company will give your company and equipment an edge over the competition.

OEMs can make more accurate improvements to their parts as they already have the knowledge, design plans, molds, and testing of their current products. OEM clients can enjoy newer technology and upgrades to parts faster.

Shield Works OEM Manufacturing Is Right For You

OEM manufacturing companies believe in crafting strong business-customer relationships by offering unparalleled expertise and high-quality products. OEMs take the time to understand your business and your needs to ensure you receive the best service and products for your company.

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