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What Are the Benefits of Using an Original Equipment Manufacturer?

The presence of critical spares in your business is essential, but sometimes you encounter unexpected breakdowns. You’re caught in between making a hurried order from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or outsource from local suppliers.

With minimal repair time, most businesses prefer the latter, not knowing its financial implications. But before you make this critical choice, here are the benefits of using original equipment manufacturer parts in your business.

What Is OEM?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer also referred to as OEM, manufactures products and sells them to different companies. The purchasing company will then brand the product before selling it to its customers as a finished item. OEMs are common in the IT and auto manufacturing industries.

OEMs can be best described as business-to-business entities because they only deal with value-added resellers. The primary goal of the OEMs is to manufacture product components according to customization requirements.

Top Benefits of Using an Original Equipment Manufacturer
As a busy tech, health, or auto company, you’ve limited time to produce high-volume goods.

Thus, outsourcing the products from the original equipment manufacturer becomes cheaper and convenient. You also get high-quality and authentic products that fit your products.

Here are the benefits of using OEM:

Guaranteed Quality Parts

OEM products are pure quality, and their precision is top-notch. When you make an order from an original equipment manufacturer, you’re confident of getting the exact parts.

Using the original component blueprint and design template, OEMs craft accurate products.

You don’t need to describe the materials used because they know what to use at every stage of the parts manufacturing. Whether you’re in the robotics, medical, or health industry, you’ll get the exact product you’re looking for.

Using precision machining ensures that all products meet hyper-specific requirements.

Before dispatch, the manufacturers test the parts to ensure they meet the original specification. You get compatible parts that match the factory specs.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

What happens when a spare part breaks down a few days from its date of purchase? Buying from an OEM saves you from component defects and losses when the device cannot perform.

If the parts don’t work, they’ll replace the elements or repair them for free.

With a manufacturer’s warranty, the equipment lifespan is enhanced. Also, it reduces your downtime, saves money, and maintains its peak performance in the long run.

Should you experience part defects, call, and the manufacturer will resolve the problem.


Your product value is what maintains your customer base and attracts more prospects. Stocking generic spares in your business can affect the product value.

The OEM in-house upgrades, engineering, optimization, and modifications maintain the component value. It’ll serve you past a specific duration and will be resilient between maintenance schedules.

With enhanced lifespan and minimal repairs, buying from an OEM gives you great returns on investment. It’s worth the wait and money spent on every component bought from these manufacturers.

Components Availability

Unlike generic suppliers who take time to imitate the original products, OEM requires less time to avail the required product. To beat downtime, most OEMs stock essential machine components ready for dispatch in case of a breakdown.

OEMs ensure that operations resume fast after unplanned shutdown by holding stock on consignment. They maintain catalogues of critical components and make them available.

Excellent Customer Service

Virtual description of different spare parts to an engineer can lead to wrong interpretation and production of a faulty part. When you partner with an OEM, you get a fast response to all your inquiries from designated engineers.

The professionals understand the parts and know how the blueprint and design work.

If the equipment is faulty and may not need a replacement, the engineers will virtually guide you through troubleshooting it. The exciting part is; you get to work with engineers that designed the components.

Also, they’re conversant with every aspect, making it easy for you to get the right answers to every of your question. The OEMs become silent partners whom you can trust with different component issues whenever there’s a complication.

Competent Prices

Dealing with OEMs opens up your business to competent product prices. Since the manufacturers will create bulk goods for your supply business, you can utilize the economies of scale.

At the start of the component production, the OEM will check and develop parts that match the budget. Though aftermarket items are cheaper, you can still match the price when buying from an OEM in bulk.

Yet, you’ll have better quality and customized parts, helping you save more.

Fast Production

What happens to old machine parts whose production ceased and the availability in the market is scarce? The availability of blueprints and raw materials simplifies the OEM production process.

No matter how old the vehicle or medical equipment is, the manufacturer has everything it takes to produce the required part. Upon request, the manufacturer will start production, ensuring that it meets factory specs.


Products obtained from an OEM are 100% percent durable. You don’t have to worry about the materials or the product strength in challenging conditions because it’s made with precision.

The manufacturers understand how component quality matters to consume and cannot compromise it.

OEM knows the duration that each component takes before wearing out. With an idea of when the changeout is due, you can plan on the new replacement.

Choosing an Original Equipment Manufacturer

Choosing an ideal manufacturing partner is overwhelming for the first time. Below is a list of things to look at before contracting an OEM:

• Expertise and capabilities
• Track record
• Quality
• Pricing
• Communication
• Licensing
• Flexibility

Entrusting your blueprints to a manufacturer requires trust and the ability to build a long-term relationship. Checking on the above facts before hiring one will safeguard your products and ensure your expectations are met.

Get a Reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer Near Me

It’s no secret that dealing with an original equipment manufacturer has many benefits to your business. Besides an impressive return on investment, you get quality products and a warranty for every product you buy.

Are you a startup and need a reliable OEM for your IT, electronics, medical, or food industry? At Shield Works Precision Manufacturing, we provide diverse manufacturing services. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today.