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6 Questions to Ask Before Finding a Suitable Contract Manufacturing Partner in China

There are many different considerations to keep in mind when choosing who will be responsible for manufacturing your products in China.

Whether you’re looking for a new manufacturer or thinking about an alternative option, it’s better to ask these 5 questions to evaluate if a manufacturing company can be your partner before finalizing anything. Let’s get started.

1. How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

If you’re looking for a quality contract manufacturer in China, it’s important to see how long they’ve been in business.

If they have been in the manufacturing industry for many years, you can be sure that their quality will be top-notch and that they know what they are doing.

If they have only been in business for two or three years, then this may not be the best option because there is more chance that they will not have experience with certain techniques or processes.

Also, by knowing the history and background of a supplier, you will have a better idea of their company development. Are they expanding or shrinking? What are some possible causes for these changes? With that knowledge at hand, not only can you learn more about how they operated in the past, but also you can make predictions about their future changes and think strategically before deciding whether or not worth working with them for the long term.

2. What Is Their Current Customer Base?

Asking your potential supplier about their current customer base gives you a clue as to what types of projects and customers they are taking on.

The more information you have, the better idea you’ll have of how well-versed they are in different industries and if there will be a good fit for what you’re looking for from them.

One of the most useful ways to estimate the customer base that your contract manufacturing supplier has is by reviewing the case studies and testimonials on the supplier’s website.

3. Are They Aware of International Standards?

A contract manufacturer should understand all the most common domestic and international standards, as well as its quality control procedures. Without knowing standards, the manufacturing company will not be able to apply related certifications, thus they are not allowed to produce certain products even though they have capacities.

If you want a production partner who will work with you on every step of the process, look for a company that specializes in your field so they can answer all your questions. This way they can help you develop your prototype and create a production plan before they start producing any items.

4. Do They Understand Your Product?

Finding a contract manufacturer that understands your product and idea can be an important consideration because they will be making your products to reach your expectations and requirements.

Many times, contract manufacturing companies are also responsible for product design and prototyping, so they should know your products as deeply as you do. Especially when it comes to PCB manufacturing because there are so many components and complicated techniques involved in this process.

Also, an experienced manufacturing partner that knows your products can provide much more useful information beforehand such as if there are any specific materials you might need, how to source the best raw materials to produce quality items, and how much production time is needed.

A red flag in the partnership with a contract manufacturer is that they don’t ask you any questions but keep saying yes instead. This can mean they don’t care about your product, or they are simply unable to communicate with you.

5. Who Will Manufacture Your Product?

As many overseas buyers complain about the scams of the manufacturing sector in China, you must pay more attention to who will be the real one to take care of your production.

Some companies claim that they are a legitimate manufacturer with appropriate facilities, but it turns out those claims might just be fake news upon further due diligence. If you want to how to identify whether a manufacturing company is real or not, click here to learn more about know how to spot a real factory or a trading company in China.

6. How Does Quality Control Work?

Quality control is extremely important in manufacturing. If your product is not up to your standards, you need a manufacturer that will work with you until the product meets your expectations.

Before you find a manufacturer, it’s important that you understand what quality control practices they follow and how they handle products with defects or errors.

In most cases, defects or errors are referred to as AQL which stands for Acceptable Quality Levels. These levels can vary depending on the industry and company. For example, if you’re making electronic products, then the acceptable defect rate might be higher than for outdoor fitness equipment.

 It’s essential that you understand the manufacturer’s policies before signing any contracts so that there won’t be any surprises down the line.


The search for a manufacturing partner can be long and arduous, and it also may take some effort on asking questions and getting information from a supplier, but when you consider just how much time and money will be saved by taking these steps, it’s worth it!

Many overseas companies may feel more comfortable working with a Western-owned contract manufacturing company in China because they think that a company with western management background has higher standards and more positive reactions, so they don’t need to worry about product quality and communication.

If you’re on the way to looking for a company that has all your security needs covered, we can help! Start your journey by reaching out today for more information and see how we will be able to make them worth every penny!