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9 Reasons to Outsource Product Assembly to China

As the name implies, product assembly refers to custom assembly that is so delicate it requires the use of precision tools and processes. The reason why you would outsource this type of assembly to China is because the precision tools and processes used in China are unmatched by anyone else in the world when it comes to cost-effectiveness and value. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your next product assembly project, here are 10 reasons why you should choose China over anywhere else in the world.

Affordable Prices

The main benefit of outsourcing product assembly to China is that it’s cheaper than having your product assembled in western countries. These days, you can get a variety of products, from T-shirts and baseball caps to umbrellas and pot holders, for a fraction of what it would cost if they were produced domestically. The comparatively low cost of living in China allows your company access to hundreds of skilled laborers who are willing and able to assemble products at a very affordable price. In fact, as much as it has grown over the years, labor costs in China are still much lower than they are in the west. Those savings can be used for higher-quality components or marketing and promotion so you end up with both an inexpensive final product and plenty left over for other aspects of your business.

Fast Delivery Time

When it comes to outsourcing, speed is critical. If a project isn’t finished on time, there’s a good chance you won’t receive any money from your client, and you could lose future business as well. That is why you want to be sure that when outsourcing product assembly in China, you are going with someone who can deliver quickly. Many Chinese factories with some of the best product assembly capabilities in all of Asia can get your parts out in less than 10 days when they are needed urgently, but they also have other faster shipping options as well. Assembling parts in China doesn’t have to take forever, but you do need to make sure that things are being done correctly by going with reliable manufacturers.

Quick Response Time

With China’s vast manufacturing and assembly experience, a proven system has been developed for shortening response times. You will get quicker quotations and better turnaround time on product samples and bulk orders. Most of the customers from the west comment that the quotes in China are extremely fast; many receiving them within 12 hours of first contact. It also depends on what needs to be made: if you need a simple design, then a quote can be given within 1 hour. If it’s more complicated, then it might take us 2-3 days. If everything is clear in your order details (material, dimension, quantity), your Chinese partner can send you a quotation immediately upon receipt of your order information or drawings.

Process-oriented Quality Control

Process-oriented quality control is very commonly seen in China now, where workers are given a certain amount of time (often just one minute) to assemble an item. If it takes longer than that minute, there’s something wrong with either their training or their tools and materials. Chinese firms have become experts at using very simple, easy-to-use products that can be built quickly and accurately. This type of approach could easily be used in other assembly lines nationwide in China—if you want your product built quickly and correctly, start by building a tool that makes it easy to do so.

No Surprises with Lead Times

You know exactly how long it takes for products to get from China. Since your goods are being produced offshore, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises about delivery dates either. You can choose from a variety of shipping options and will be provided with an estimated arrival date. And as long as you get things on time, no one will complain!

Diverse Product Lines

Diversifying your product lines is a good way to weather any economic storm. The U.S. auto industry’s reliance on trucks and SUVs is what brought them down in 2008; GM and Chrysler were making cars that no one wanted—not even Americans! Don’t make that mistake: Diversify your offerings, and you’ll be able to weather any storm that comes your way. China, with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing for the whole world, is a very ideal place for that with such variety to offer. Even when it comes to product assembly only, you can still be presented with countless options of industries.

Full-time Staff for 24/7 Support

Offshore outsourcing companies in China have full-time staff that are always available to provide assistance on your manufacturing project. There is no outsourcing night shift. You will be able to call them at any time and they will provide assistance with anything that you need. This is much better than waiting days for a reply from someone working at an office in another time zone, who may or may not understand what you want or be aware of specific details about your project.

More than 30 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Products for The World

People in China have been making things for a long time. And for good reason: it’s what they do best. You can count on China’s manufacturing capabilities, processes and workers, which has helped make them an integral part of supply chains and contributed to their high-value reputation. That makes outsourcing product assembly a very attractive proposition indeed.

A Wide Range of products Including Electronics, Medical Devices, Plastic Parts, etc…

Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of products including electronics, plastic parts, medical devices, and much more. There’s a good chance that there’s a manufacturer in China capable of producing your product at competitive prices while focusing on higher quality products. This means that raw materials are relatively cheap and easy to acquire from nearby suppliers or imported from various countries around the world. No matter what type of product you need manufactured, there is likely an experienced factory in China ready to help you get it done.

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