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How Partnering with a China Manufacturing Company Can Benefit Your Product Design And Development

Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking to partner with a China manufacturing company in order to bring your product design and development process to the next level? If so, there are several reasons why partnering with China’s manufacturing industry can be extremely beneficial to your goals as an entrepreneur. Read on to learn how it can benefit you, as well as some tips on how to go about it if you’re interested in pursuing this option.

Shorten time-to-market

One of the main benefits to outsourcing product design and development to China is that you’ll be able to shave time off your schedule. There are many facets of every project that can be outsourced, including: design, prototyping and 3D modelling, etc.

Designing and developing products takes time, but if you choose to partner with a manufacturer in China, you’ll be able to reduce that time significantly. There are many aspects of your product that can be outsourced, including: design work, prototyping, 3D modelling and more. Working with outsourcing partners means not only being able to work faster (by hiring those who have experience), but also saving money by splitting up the workload between parties. If you choose to go through an entire project (or any part) on your own though, don’t expect costs to stay low. After all, time is money.

Keep up with demand

With Chinese manufacturers, you’ll get instant access to an enormous, world-class supply chain. Instead of producing small batches of products for an uncertain audience, you can create a minimum order quantity (MOQ) large enough to keep up with demand at any given time. A foreign production partner that handles warehousing, shipping and logistics means you won’t have to worry about overseas shipping and import/export documentation; it all gets taken care of automatically by these suppliers.

With so many Chinese manufacturers online today, finding one that meets all of your specific needs is easier than ever before. All you need to do is type in what you want into a search engine or go through Alibaba’s list of vendors. From there, you can select potential partners based on their location, reputation and other factors(Shield Work will be your ideal option!). Once you’ve found a few options that seem like good fits, contact them directly to learn more about their capabilities and ask questions. The key here is to be proactive: don’t wait until after your first shipment arrives—or even worse—after your first customer complaint!

Improve Quality Control

Letting manufacturers in China handle all aspects of production frees up resources to concentrate on quality control. With Chinese manufacturers, you have instant access to hundreds or thousands of factory workers. This means you can scale production quickly as needed. It also helps ensure that every unit produced is identical; from batch to batch, every piece is exactly how it’s supposed to be. When you produce small batches by hand in-house, inconsistencies are inevitable and quality control becomes very difficult. And there’s no way around it—anyone who produces products for resale has to control quality when producing on such a large scale.

With a wide selection of factories at your disposal, it’s simple to move orders between suppliers if one is having issues or just wants to temporarily take on less work. If there are problems with quality control, you have options. And if you don’t have a problem but another factory does, you can easily switch things up without wasting too much time or money. As long as you have good relationships in place, production companies will be willing to accommodate your needs. This saves time and ensures that every unit produced meets your standards—and gets shipped out quickly so that customers receive their products as soon as possible.

Cut Costs

Product design and development costs in China are notoriously low compared to Western countries. There’s plenty of reason for that, including a large talent pool at competitive prices, very inexpensive electronics components, taxes that aren’t levied on imported goods, and no trade tariffs on exported products. Moreover, there’s an enormous variety of suppliers to choose from — more than any other region in the world due to their full-fledged supply chains — so you have more control over specific aspects of your product. For example, assembling devices could be done at one facility while circuits are designed elsewhere. Finally, when it comes to producing prototypes or small runs before going into full production—or even if you just want to validate ideas quickly—prototyping is generally faster in China than anywhere else.

Use New Technology

One of the biggest things that distinguishes Chinese manufacturing is its tech boom over the past decade. This has greatly equipped its manufacturing ecosystem, particularly in areas like product design, where technology has become an integral part of the final product.  As such, when it comes to product design and development in China, many foreign businesses have begun to take advantage of new technologies—3D printing being one prime example—to speed up their processes. With these new technologies, foreign companies are able to make prototypes faster than ever before and create higher-quality products than they could otherwise.

Another big difference between Western manufacturers and those in China is how modern factories use data to improve productivity. In China, every aspect of production is tracked digitally, which means workers know exactly what’s happening at any given time during production. This means there are fewer errors—and more importantly, faster turnarounds—than you would find in other countries.

The list of benefits of using China manufacturing to design and develop your next product can go on forever. If you haven’t yet manufactured in China, you need to weigh out all options before making a final decision. It isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but with manufacturers’ experience and current technology, it’s definitely very cost-effective and saves you from a bunch of headaches. Shield Works is one that can take care of all you need for your product with over 17 years of experience and excellent in-house team. Contact us if you’d like to know more!