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5 Reasons Why Product Assembly in China is Key to Business Success

You may have heard the term product assembly in China before, but you might not be entirely sure what that means or how it will affect your business. Many companies decide to outsource this process to help them keep costs down and get their products in front of more customers. In order to decide whether or not product assembly in China could play a key role in your business success, you need to learn more about what it entails and how it works.

1) Suppliers are available around the clock

In China, suppliers are available around the clock, which means that you can get your products assembled and shipped out much faster than if you were doing it on your own. This can be a major advantage for businesses that need to move product quickly.

You have more control over the quality of the product. When you have your products assembled in China, you have more control over the quality of the product. This is because it is also much more affordable there to hire 3rd-party QC service to inspect the products before they are shipped out, and you can also choose to have them assembled by a reputable company that usually comes with an excellent QC team.

If you have your products assembled in China, you can save money big-time on shipping costs, given all the transportation access China offers.

2) The ability to experiment with new ideas

When it comes to business, the ability to experiment with new ideas is key to success. And what better place to do that than in China, where there are endless opportunities for product assembly?  You’ll be amazed at the expansive network of suppliers and manufacturers you can choose from.

In addition to a wide variety of options, you’ll also have access to manufacturing facilities at an affordable price. If you are just starting out, it’ll be very cost-effect for you in terms of trying out new ideas and finetuning your product. There’s no need to worry about breaking the bank before your product has even been released into the market!

3) Variety of product expertise

Decades into being the “World’s Factory”, Chinese manufacturers have developed strong versatility for types of products they can assemble. The wide range of industries that use product assembly services makes it possible for companies to outsource many aspects of their production process to China and still maintain control over every step, from design and development, through manufacturing, quality assurance, distribution and after-sales service. 

Spanning from textile to advanced electronics, you will have no problem finding a supplier for any part of your product locally. Your company does not need to dedicate all its resources towards producing one specific type of product as it can easily find suppliers who are experts in different parts of the production process. These specialists work hand-in-hand with other local factories so that you do not need to allocate staff or space at your office solely for these processes.

4) Utilization of the latest technology

In order to stay competitive, businesses need to utilize the latest technology. This is especially true when it comes to product assembly. By using state-of-the-art machines and equipment, businesses can ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Additionally, by keeping up with the latest technology, businesses can save money on production costs.

China is definitely you to-go option regarding technology, especially If you’re looking for top-of-the-line machinery. Due to encouragement from the government and decades of industrialization, China has managed to stay on top of the game as far as new innovations go. It’s not uncommon for a company in China to have access to many different types of cutting-edge technology which they can use at an affordable price. The accessibility of these technologies gives Chinese manufacturers a competitive edge over others because they are able to produce higher quality goods more quickly than ever before.

5) Speed of production

In today’s business world, time is money. And when it comes to product assembly, China has the speed advantage. With a well-oiled assembly line and a large workforce, China can get your products assembled and shipped out faster than most other countries. That means you can get your products to market quicker and start generating revenue sooner. It also leaves room for contingencies if there are delays in shipping or if another one of your suppliers cannot deliver on time.

Also, your company will grow because your company was able to do what others couldn’t. Your company is flexible: You may need more help assembling at certain times but not at others. For example, during western holidays or long weekends where many companies would like extra help with their orders. If you were already doing some assembly in China, this would allow your assembly team in China to be ready for those busy periods without having to find new hires and train them up from scratch – something which takes up both time and money before they’re productive again.

Meanwhile, your time saved on product assembly can be well spent on marketing. Multi-tasking is very much viable for your business!

By working with a reputable assembly partner in China, you can ensure that your products are of the highest quality and meet all applicable safety and quality standards. Shield Works has over 17 years of experience under the belt to help you achieve all of that. It’s never too late to take action. Contact us now!