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IP protection services

What is IPR Protection and how does Shield Works ensure this for their customers?

What is IPR and why is it a problem?

IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights and here at Shield Works we make sure that this is protected at all costs. Here will explain why IPR is important. And how we have IP protection services to make sure your goods are protected from copy-cats.

It’s no secret that the key concern businesses have when considering whether to manufacture in China is the thought that their intellectual property (aka a lot of effort and hard work) will be stolen. A famous example of this was when Ford filed a lawsuit against the Chinese manufacturer JAC in 2012. For more details on this see the website referenced at the end of this blog.

However, as a British owned and managed company, we Shield Works are committed to protecting every aspect of your IP. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the risk of copy-cat manufacturing. Because we provide an extensive range of services to ensure that your company maintains complete IPR.

How does IPR law work in china?

The laws follow that a company has no formal IP protection if it does not file its patents and trademarks in China.

A patent ‘registers a person’s invention and allows him or her to take legal action against any person who uses, makes, imports or sells that invention without permission’ (‘Patent’, Market Business News Glossary, 2019). Also, it is important to know that there are multiple types of patents. For example,design, inventions and utility model, copyrights and more.

How does Shield Works protect IPR?

In order to support you with full IP and patent protection, our team works in a way that is flexible to your requirements.

Shield Works partners with Innopat, a leading Zhuhai based IP industry expert. They are able to provide our clients with clear, no-nonsense advice and IP protection services. In addition, Innopat is a professional patent and trademark agency authorized by the National Intellectual Property Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

Since 2002, Innopat has been dedicated to the specialized practice of intellectual property law including patent, trademark and copyright law. The firm actively engages in the procurement, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property rights cooperating with foreign IP associates for international IP litigation and patent proceedings in every significant industrial country.

IP protection services we provide in Mainland China: